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Acrylic future trend?

by:YL Display     2021-04-03

important thermoplastic acrylic is a kind of industrial raw material, we used to be called organic glass or PMMA.

the acrylic pressure, high transparency, weather resistance, acid resistance and transmission of light, easy dyeing, easy to printing, easy processing and let it in, enterprise architecture, life, family, is widely used in the games and large samples will meet all kinds of acrylic exhibition in the exhibition.

in terms of daily life, acrylic products concrete is mainly manifested on the stairs, walls, auto light boxes of lamps and lanterns; Eating out when we notice the hotel has a lot of beautiful craft lamp box, this is to use such organic glass acrylic products; A lot of people when decorating a buying bathtub often asked whether to acrylic material, acrylic material for the product is very gorgeous atmosphere.

on business activities, made of acrylic frames under are common display props. Because of its beautiful effect, can display creates a high-end atmosphere, so the acrylic material is a very popular show. At the same time, the production of small products such as headphones, cosmetics, camera products such as the style display props often choose mesa, acrylic material show to make faster here than wood, metal, can be in a relatively short time to complete production.

along with our country's national system perfecting, homebred yakeli is also very popular in the international market, is also doing very popular in the foreign trade. As can be seen in developing the acrylic with broad space for development and good future, believe that over the next decade acrylic will involve more fields.

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