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After the mould cosmetics display ark how to deal with?

by:YL Display     2021-03-27
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because cosmetics display cabinets for a long period of time, or eroded by damp, mildew etc happens frequently, so this needs the protection and maintenance, we often pay attention to it once in this kind of situation we how to deal with?

we need to make sure that the cosmetics display cabinet mould parts, mildewy place clean first, if it is not easy to handle, we can use the dry brush to brush, if processing is not clean, is hard to wipe with wet cloth, generally can be wiped clean. If reveals ark with mold, we should not only will the mould clean, must also be on the brush on a layer of paint, so he can be more effective in preventing reveals ark to mold. General mold are paint reason, so you can also use some cleaning effect after cleanser, then use clean cloth to wipe clean.

also need to pay attention to the prevention of damp, as the saying goes, is the best way to protect, prevent and what shall be indoor and ventilated, can very good prevention reveals ark mould be affected with damp be affected with damp.

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