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clothing display racks

by:YL Display     2020-03-03
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Today, where clothing and fashion have become one of the most competitive franchises in the market, boutiques and shops are constantly competing with each other.
Although their costumes and designs are different, there is no clothing display stand, and these stores are basically nothing.
Imagine a clothing store without these hangers showing the latest designs and the hottest discoveries of their brand.
Clothing display racks in the fashion industry are an important part of any clothing industry-especially if your store has popular brands such as Louis Vuitton, dujiabana, guess or other well-rated names in the industry.
All of these companies need a building, designer, costume and they are all ready.
But there\'s a question: where do you hang your new outfit? The answer is simple: clothing display stand.
They are one of the most important devices in any store, without it-well, the whole business will lack the ability to attract customers from the other side of the glass and will collapse in the long run.
Therefore, we generally take these shelves for granted and are also the main ingredients that can produce a perfect fragrance to attract the attention of buyers.
Deadly combination of eyes
If you want to succeed in this industry, it is necessary to catch the shelves and top clothing display.
They are not only good for showing your clothes for customers to choose from, but they can also serve as organizers of your clothes.
This allows you to divide the clothes according to the style or color of the clothes, so it is very practical.
It also prevents your clothes from being folded or damaged as they are just hanging on the shelf without any pressure on the fabric.
However, there are also some display racks that look like stools or cabinets that allow you to fold some clothes like a table.
The types of clothing display racks have multiple types of shelves, suitable for business or even family needs, with different sizes and shapes.
The common type commonly used in most stores is the two-arm decorative hanger.
The height of this rack can be adjusted from 48 \"to 72 \".
It has a straight arm and an oblique arm with eight balls.
A special type has wheels, perfect if you want to move it at any time without extra hassle.
These colors also have different colors, such as black, gray, or gold, at prices ranging from $70 to $82.
The other type is unique.
Way display stand.
Its height is also from 48 \"to 72\" with a straight arm of 16 \", an oblique arm with six balls and a four-point round arm.
This model may also have casters for a price of between $80 and $92. A four-
If you want to wear more clothes, you can also choose a hanger
The carrying capacity of the rack.
This is your face.
Show their best side from four directions.
Separate arms also allow you to accommodate a variety of clothing lengths and push each time
The button arm extends from 48 \"to 72 \".
There may be casters and wheels in this type.
Normally, this cost up to three-
Display of clothing shelves.
Another common display clothing rack is a single Rolling clothing rack.
It\'s a decorative single hanging.
Guide rail with lock casters.
Its height can be adjustable from 49 \"to 67\", usually 48 \"in length and 20 in width \".
Some hangers of this type are decorative and may have double hanging
Not just a track.
The price is about $80 to $105.
Decorative spiral shelves are unique, 27-
This is a unique spiral rack in addition to your shop ball decoration.
It is usually a broad base of 68 \"high, 25\" and sells for about $70. A single hang-
Rail clothing shelves are one of the most
There are special shelves for clothes, shoes and wallet compartments.
All in all, there are a lot of styles of clothing display racks that can meet your own decoration and display needs based on personal preferences or the overall style and design of your store.
Tips for Choosing a clothing display rack know that there are multiple types of clothing display racks and you still need to choose the best for your store.
Rolling hangers are widely used and can also be used in dressing rooms, not just on display.
They also store items behind the register or as standard shelves.
These are very popular in boutiques, so they can move their monitors at any time.
Some stores also use this type for special promotions or sidewalk sales.
The wooden display stand is a very attractive type that can be embossed with a brand or store logo, perfect for customization and slight engraving for extra elegance.
They are usually on casters and move around to accommodate small spaces.
They are not only beautiful shelves, but also very strong.
The boutique clothing display stand has a variety of special and unique designs.
They are usually made of gray metal or chrome plated with satin.
They are interested in art, such as the vortex at the end that looks like a vine or a decorative metal work on the top.
These special shelves attract the attention of many people, indicating that you really care about even the smallest details in the store.
* Display hangers can have a huge impact in any store and highlight an area of your store if the selection is correct.
If you decide to enter the fashion industry, a carefully selected clothing display rack will provide additional filling customers to your store and subsequently facilitate sales.
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