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Cosmetics display how to use fire prevention board?

by:YL Display     2021-04-03
Fireproof properties:

building industry widely application of fire prevention board has the thermal insulation, fire flame retardant, fire-resistant moisture-proof, sound absorption, sound insulation, good durability, and high strength and so on characteristics, and fire prevention board than economy, and belongs to a new type environmental protection building materials product.

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fire prevention board production process:

still relatively technologize of fire prevention board production process, it is by the advanced imported decorative paper, kraft paper, after dipping, drying, such as high temperature and high pressure produced by processing steps: first, the advanced imported decorative paper, kraft paper, containing leaching respectively in three, tsuen wan, gather hydrogen ammonia resin and benzene resin reaction tank, including leaching after a period of time, drying, and cut into the size of the need, and then these contain more than decorative paper and kraft paper (soaked Depending on the different thickness of fire prevention board) Fold together, placed under the press, at 300 degrees Fahrenheit ( About 150 degrees Celsius) Of high temperature, the pressure of 1430 pounds per square inch, continuous equilibrium pressure for an hour, then through trimming, sanding, quality inspection and other steps.

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