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Cosmetics showcase lighting processing technology is introduced

by:YL Display     2021-04-02

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cosmetics reveals ark mainly use in some stores, shopping malls, large supermarket, large shopping mall, etc. , used to display the gold jewelry, jade jewelry, diamond jewelry, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. , and the function of both storage goods. Cosmetics display case has individual character commonly appearance, but also to have the advertising effect, so as to reach a better sales targets.

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in order to better attract the attention of people, businesses generally use all one's skill, one of the most reference value is the processing of lamplight, the light processing of good, can make goods more blingy, more can give a person the sense of dignity. Below small make up the net friend to summarize several light processing methods to share with you:

1. Lateral shoots processing:

how to build a model of dynamic and stereo feeling, and use the most special lights highlight items in the design, let more shining bright spot. Here side lamp can be a good help to you. To you to look at models of the neck, neck is no characteristic of traditional light. But if you imagine is spraying down the sun, the neck is half face light bright, backlit half dark, everyone's side lamp can achieve this effect. Is everyone to see, stereo sense is very obvious. Everyone look at models of the legs, no lights illuminate and have the feeling of lamplight illuminate, isn't it, have side shoot the lamp to be hit on the head, like sunshine in the above, model the lithe and graceful body appearance, up the steps, a dynamic deduce out. In addition, see you have two sets of lateral shoot the light, a group of light above the waist, another group of radiation from the waist down, up and down, is a whole it out. So, the light can be painted, the key is the processing of detail.

in addition, we see the lamps and lanterns, you see no on market of lamps and lanterns is not the same. No frame design of administrative levels. What is more valuable, we deal directly with glare. You know, generally deal with dazzling light with honeycomb king or blade, you have done experiments, so while processing the glare has lost 20% of their photosynthetic efficiency. And we deal directly with the glare on lamps and lanterns to 60 degrees are no glare. You can look at over 60 degree Angle, isn't it is very comfortable.

2。 Trichotomy processing

everyone to look at the bag, bag is small, its position under everyone can move feeling, bags and lights of different distance bring different feeling. Market is at the half dozen traditional lamp, bag, have you see the front have a shadow, it's like a light hit on one's shoulder not to play in his predecessor. Then we use the rule of thirds can well solve the problem. Read, don't you change obviously. So, in fact, the position of the lamp, the Angle of the light are very exquisite.

when it comes to the Angle of the light you can see dome light again, we suggest dome light Angle of elevation of more than 25 degrees, so that you see no. Angle is small, only around the neck, waist part has the shadow, and when Angle greaten, shadow brush off. To do this, you must let the lamp installed nearly may be near the window.

3。 White light processing:

do under factory enterprise all knew, different materials of goods, in fact, the need to deal with the different lights. The light color temperature must choose according to be according to the color of concrete. If the goods is silver, is the best natural white light, if you are with very slant yellow MR16 lamp lighting, goods class immediately. Now can do the white light of the lamp in addition to the expensive LED, normal manufacturer is hard to do. And can help you achieve the CDM, relying on advanced coating technology, we can help you on the product material and unique design of the light. Everybody to help, for example, a brick brand is good use light highlights the fire brick color effect. What color is fire? You know, the brick is the most important technology of cutting, good brick, can cut surface reflects the colorful light. Here light control needs to be very accurate.

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