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Display cabinet made of the main materials and their advantages and disadvantages of introduction

by:YL Display     2021-04-01
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show GuiZhu material generally is given priority to with iron, wood two materials

1, the tin material: advantage is that the material price is low, the material is lighter. The disadvantage is that structural change is not big. If the whole were with metal material to the lack of the flavor of the design. Difficult to make a variety of effects

2, wood: adjustable big advantage is that structure. And the material price is moderate. The disadvantage is that the material is heavier, can make various design effect. Production in no light, no suitable for counters mobile

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select technical processing of the lacquer that bake reveals ark, let's call it reveals ark of the lacquer that bake

1 light reveals ark of the lacquer that bake is better than the inferior smooth

it is not easy to change color, and do rise, then very much, common ordinary is half wet towel are available, and if there is do not break a stain, to be able to use washing powder, toothpaste to wipe, it is not easy to fade, and wipe after light such as new, don't want to inferior smooth reveals ark, dirty with a small brush to wash brush, hemp pit because of its appearance in the dust, difficult to arrange

2 painting reveals ark colour rich diversiform appearance,

can do about the characteristics of product display and product brand image has a very good performance

3 reveal ark material is high-density fiberboard, the real wood floor, and highlights the lacquer that bake or decorative panels, with stainless steel, acrylic, toughened glass material, such as lighting effects superposition allows you to shop there are ups and downs richly element

4 reveal ark of the lacquer that bake, high-grade beautiful, contracted and not simple

jewelry display ark inside, light easy change, also easy to repair, fully enhance your product image, brand image, enterprise image, create better products for you to show stage

5 reveals ark has no fixed standard of the lacquer that bake, can be arbitrary shape, each component can be split and flexible installation

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store display case reveals ark manufacturer reveals ark order

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