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Display shelf to sales played a significant role

by:YL Display     2020-03-05
The streets everywhere we can see the figure of goods shelves, but today we are going to talk about is placed in the supermarket goods shelves, the goods display level belongs to the mid-range market, do not have too many design factors in it, but this does not mean that the placement of goods display shelf, there is no mystery, but it simply show it has a subtle influence on sales role? First of all, we know the goods display itself only has the function of simple display does not have promote company image or to drive sales, and other functions. But how can you make supermarket goods shelves put neat and beautiful, it is the supermarket goods shelves to put the requirements of the minimum standard. Thus the supermarket goods shelves to go into many types, including single multilayer reveal frame, two-sided multilayer reveal frame, and so on. According to the shape of goods display, also can be divided into semicircle goods square goods display rack, display shelf, and other special shape goods display shelf. Secondly, goods display also has the characteristics of the flexible mobility. As the goods display are generally consist of many small parts and display board to, we can according to the size of the display of goods to adjust the height size. Put in some special cases, can according to the terrain is different, the display shelf to split and combination, combined into different shapes show. It is for display shelf flexible combination, greatly strengthened the repeated utilization of display shelf, the goods is also show the embodiment of the environmental protection. Finally, goods display also has the characteristics of light weight, because it is limited in the scope of application of the supermarket or small shopping mall, because not to put too heavy objects, it also determines the mobility of goods shelves.
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