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Electronic price tags in the new retail industry has played a key role?

by:YL Display     2020-03-09
Electronic price in many large supermarkets, fresh stores, retail industry have begun to slowly take off, you have to go to the box Ma Xian raw all know now box Ma Xian raw have used the electronic price tag, instead of the traditional paper price, of course a lot of readers to the electronic price tags are heard, but no actual to know, what exactly is the purpose of electronic price it? And why the market slowly now many large business super, convenience stores, fresh industry began to have the existence of the figure of it? So small make up this will bring you into a detailed introduce the function of price? Electronic price the following advantages: 1) Price adjustment rapid, accurate, flexible and efficient; 2) More than the paper label ( Such as: display promotional logo, a variety of monetary value, unit price, inventory, etc. ) ; 3) Reduce paper label production and maintenance costs; 4) To actively implement pricing strategies to exclude technical barriers; 5) Unified online commodity information. 6) To improve the working efficiency effectively reduce the cost of manpower and material resources, management and other variable cost; 7) Price for data validation, prevent errors or omissions; 8) Synchronization with background database changes, keep consistent with the cash register, price inquiry terminal; 9) Facilitate the headquarters unified management, effective monitoring, reduce the loopholes in management; 10) Increasing store image, customer satisfaction, and social credibility in the wave of new retail driving the change of the retail industry, increasingly fierce competition in the retail sector, time is money for each person, only you help others to save time cost, improve work efficiency, the somebody else will only be willing to take the time to pay attention to it, endorsed it will only be willing to pay for efficiency, like electronic price tags used field is very broad, is any paper information, has can be replaced by electronic price tag to, electronic price also support a variety of languages, can be used all over the world. It is also important in the display system.
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