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Four kinds of display shelf must be customized display scenes

by:YL Display     2021-03-27

1。 Brand shop display

brand shop to custom-made shelves according to the size of the product modelling, the flexibility to use the combination of light and material, can reflect the characteristics and advantages, better reflect the characteristics of the industry, will need to express the commercial atmosphere artistically.

used to brand shop display shelf is not only to display and storage of goods, in addition to the appearance of personality powerful functions, but also to have the advertising effect. Show aims to enhance brand awareness, to provide a better platform for the brand, so as to reach better profit purposes.

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2。 New product promotion

brand blockbuster launch new product but a big event, under this kind of thing can let a careless! Good products need to be more perfect, used to display can have the transmission effect of get twice the result with half the effort!

new product set up independent reveal frame, meet consumers through this form, a new brand concept for consumers, so as to achieve the expanded brand influence and image of ascension. We show properties according to the requirements of customers to design the modelling, the collocation of color and deployment of lighting, we always adhere to the service concept of responsible, professional and efficient.

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3。 Promotion

promotional activities can also be used to display, in the case of limited space cannot do heap, reveal frame can be as much as possible to get products to consumers' attention. And promotional display rack can be placed in the corner of any suitable: supermarket around the corner, the cashier, entrance and so on.

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4。 Supermarket/convenience store supermarket goods display

/ convenience store show usually we call this the 'shelf', it in some way reflects one of its features: according to the standard production machine-made. Supermarket shelf leave much space to put the goods itself, after all, for a supermarket, a sales increase a SKU means.

brand display space is squeezed, want to show the brand is simply nonsense, unless brands customized display rack, it is now more and more the choice of brands. But the supermarket is not accept according to the order, if you want to stand out from the hordes, not ordinary goods on the market, you need to customize the brand exclusive display shelf is your correct choice, even harsh supermarket administrator will love it.

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