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High-end display shelf surface treatment

High-end display shelf surface treatment


High-end display shelf surface treatment

There are a variety of production processes in the display stand industry, among which electroplating process is frequently used in the display stand industry, commonly used in supermarkets, tobacco and wine, jewelry, clothing, clubs, shopping malls, household appliances, etc. Next, I would like to introduce several common electroplating processes:

The three main electroplating processes commonly used in the display stand industry are vacuum evaporation, water deposition and electrophoresis

一.Electroplating is an electrochemical process as well as an REDOX process.The basic process of electroplating is to dip the metal parts in the solution of metal salt as the cathode and the metal plate as the anode. After being connected with the DC power supply, the required coating layer is deposited on the metal parts.

二.Vacuum evaporation means that metal thin layer is attached to plastic surface through evaporation and condensation of metal filaments under vacuum conditions.

三.Water plating is the use of electrolysis to make metal or alloy deposition on the surface of the workpiece, in order to form a uniform, compact, good adhesion of the metal layer process, is called water plating.Simply understood, is the physical and chemical changes or combination.

四.There are two kinds of electrophoresis: cathode and anode.Electroplating is a layer of metal, protection, rust, beautiful and other functions, electrophoresis is generally used for painting, that is, the surface coated with a layer of paint.

Cosmetics display shelf production process used most is vacuum evaporation, and the other two processes in comparison, the price of vacuum plating is the most favorable, generally used in the stainless steel material.

Therefore, we have to choose a suitable surface treatment in the production process, and different requirements have different practices. Today, I will share with you here. Youlian Display Technology Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you。

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