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How to be a successful cases and design?

by:YL Display     2021-04-01
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how can be regarded as a successful cases and design? Some people argued that the design is good, saw a storefront would say that this is not a good design, so how to evaluate a storefront design is good or bad?

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under the function of the factor mainly from four aspects: display, security, interoperability, and protective.

display should be under one of the most basic function.

first cases as the exhibition hall effect is an important part of, shall be suitable for the appearance of the exhibition hall overall environment, at the same time cases should maximize meet the needs of people in close, multi-angle ornamental relics, or, cases and lighting should be provided to real reduction of cultural relics or exhibits, to meet the requirements of the people watching the height and Angle. As a result, the display of the design requirements of the key is the choice of the ways of glass materials and lighting.

security for the focus of the design requirements is under its own steady and exhibition, maintenance space isolation.

due to the intensive shelves in a stream of people, the exhibition hall of personnel relatively complex environment, exhibiting ark itself safety has become an important factor. Consider human factors, such as the audience, intentionally or not crowded, the impact of cases and criminal DaoQiang; Environmental factors caused by the water pipe, gas spray, fire; And natural factors such as earthquakes, which are direct harm to the safety of the cultural relics, exhibits the basic physical damage from these external factors. Which requires storefront has certain defensive ability, ensure the safety of the cultural relics to the largest extent, this is the safety of the storefront.

interoperability refers to the cases and the convenience of cupboard door open

as well as in cultural relics exhibition, the simplicity of equipment maintenance, auxiliary exhibits replacement and so on, whether simple easy to operate, and will not threaten the safety of the cultural relics. Not only to provide convenience for the daily management of museum, more important is to better protect cultural relics. Many cultural relics exhibition in the damaged case, often occur in the process of operating under. There are often change the lamp also to graceland large glass unloaded, or remove the cultural relics all, due to the operation mode is not convenient, unreliable, the consequences of damage to cultural relics, cause immeasurable loss.

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