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how to make a display rack for a craft show

by:YL Display     2020-03-02
When designing a booth for the art show, the two most important factors are to make the most of your space and attract the attention of customers.
When you compete with a few others, perhaps hundreds of artisans, your booth should look attractive and stand out.
Another important aspect of the display stand is its light weight, durability, ease of disassembly and installation.
There are many cheap ways to build the right shelves for craft stalls.
Consider the product you sell.
If your craft is more rustic in nature, such as handmade
Choose a farm-
Old fencing, chicken and other related materials.
If you sell jewelry, stainless steel and glass are the right materials to display your item.
Search for thrift stores and garage sales for Baker\'s shelves and other foldable metal shelves.
These are lightweight and simple modifications for various types of goods.
Tie the two metal racks back. to-back for a two-sided display.
If you need a different color, paint the shelves with metallic paint in the craft shop.
Hang a wooden fruit basket from a hat tree and make a stand for plush animals, crochet-woven hats and other handmade small items.
Stack ordinary wooden cases at different levels to create desktop displays for pottery, bath salt and other products.
Find an old window frame with blinds and remove any loose or peeling paint with sandpaper.
Re-paint if needed.
Used as a display stand for earrings and necklaces, Hang jewelry on the blinds.
Design your display racks to make them look likelevel.
Customers need to be able to see everything well without having to squat down or lift their neck up.
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