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On the design of the display frame!

On the design of the display frame!


On the design of the display frame!

From an acrylic board to the birth of a display rack, which has experienced a lot of process, design is a very worthy of our attention. The design of a display rack is through the communication between customers and business, a little bit of detail modification, in order to form the design drawing, the final proofing, after the customer confirmed that there is no need to modify, then we can carry out mass production, and then we can see a display rack in the market.

Five elements of display frame design

1. The design of display rack should be considered as a whole, and it is not easy to change the design

When designing the display frame, we should be considerate and comprehensive, including the size, color and material of the display frame. Once the design scheme of the display frame is discussed and passed, it should not be changed easily, especially in the later stage. The change may delay the construction, increase the cost, and even affect the publicity effect if it is a seasonal display frame. Budget is often the source of conflict. There can be a big gap between budget and design. As a display frame designer, we must accept the budget realistically and do our best to do the design work within the budget. If the budget is not clear, it does not mean there is no limit. This is likely to cause a lot of trouble. If the cost of design and construction is too much, the designer of display rack should bear the responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to make clear the budget standard, control expenditure, arrange all projects and standards in advance, and do a good job of design and construction within the budget. When exceeding the budget, timely communicate with customers to avoid unnecessary trouble

2. The design of display frame is simple and clear

Brevity and lightness are the best way to attract the audience. Ordinary people can only accept limited information in an instant. The audience walks in a hurry, if they can't get clear information in an instant, they won't be interested. If you want to choose a representative display, you must choose and give up. Photos, charts and text descriptions shall be clear and concise. Not simple and clear, but also need to use color matching, do some bold design, can instantly catch the eyes of consumers, the first impression is very important.

3. The design of display rack should be focused

The display rack should have center and focus. The focus of the display can attract attention. The selection of focus should serve the purpose of exhibition, which will be special products, new products, the most important products or valued products. Through the location, layout, lighting and other means to highlight the focus. On the other hand, it is to use appropriate colors, charts and layouts to create a unified impression in a coordinated way. Ordinary display rack can not bring outstanding effect. Creating product use scenes or adding some interactive links can bring better publicity effect.

4. The design of display rack should be unique

Unique can attract more consumers, make it easier for consumers to identify and find. Even if they have passed by, they will leave an impression and be recalled later. The design should be unique, but not divorced from the exhibition objectives and business image. Display design and advertising language will have something in common. A familiar advertising language is successful, and a display that can be remembered and recalled is also successful

5. The design of the display frame should start from the perspective of the target audience

No matter what you do, it's for people's service, so the success of the exhibition depends largely on the audience's interest and reaction. People should be considered in the design of display rack, mainly including the purpose, emotion, interest, viewpoint, reaction and other factors of the target audience. Design from the perspective of the target audience, easy to attract the attention of the target audience, resonance, and leave a deep impression for the target audience. So designers in the design of a display frame, but also from our target audience, such a display frame is easy to resonate.

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