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Paper/paper display shelf to the meaning of goods promotion

by:YL Display     2020-03-06
Display shelf is product sells a kind of advertisement carrier, is all the shopping place (inside and outside Department stores, shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores) The product sells a form of advertising. Display shelves of goods directly shows the content of the advertisement. 1. Told that most of the new products of paper/paper display shelf belong to inform advertising of new products. When new product sale, cooperate with other mass media publicity, in sales areas use paper/paper display shelf for promotional activities, can attract consumer attention, stimulate their purchasing desire. 2. Attract customers into the shop, two-thirds of the people in the actual purchase is temporarily make a buying decision, apparently, retail sales and its flow rate is proportional to the customer. So the paper shelf/paper display promotion. 。 Step is to draw into the shop. 3. Lead customers to stop how to attract customers attention and trigger interest in the goods, paper shelf/paper can reveal frame with its novel design, gorgeous color, unique design, such as form customers attention, to make it stop and interested in advertising in the goods. Unique, compelling paper shelf/paper display rack can often play an unexpected effect. In addition, the site operation, trial samples, such as free in-store advertising form, can greatly arouse the interest of the customer, induce buying motives. 4. Prompt. Eventually buying customers. Eventually buying is the core of the paper/paper display shelf. Therefore, we must seize the customer's concerns and excitement. Actually induced work is in front of customers. Final purchase, the basis of the customer's purchase decision is through a process, as long as do enough to promote in the process of work, the result is produced naturally. 5. Create an atmosphere of sales using paper shelf/paper show strong colors, beautiful patterns, prominent modelling, humorous action, accurate and vivid advertising language, can create a strong sales atmosphere, attract consumer attention, make its produce impulse purchase. 6. Enhance the corporate image of paper/paper display shelf, like other ads, in the marketing environment can be set up and improve enterprise image, and then keep a good relationship with the consumer. Paper shelf/paper display is an important content of corporate visual identity. Retail enterprises can store logo, standard word, standard color, corporate image design, advertising signs, slogans, etc to make all kinds of paper shelves/paper reveal frame, to shape a distinctive corporate image. 7. Holiday sales promotion paper/paper display shelf is cooperating with the holiday promotion of an important means. Among various kinds of traditional and modern festival, paper/paper display shelf can create an atmosphere of joy. Paper/paper display shelf for holiday sales season played their part.
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