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Retail trends

by:YL Display     2021-04-04
TOP 7 retail visual design tips: < br / >

good visual design can promote the retail business of one of the most effective tool. It not only established the visual contact with the customer, more let users interested in brands have a more in-depth understanding.

usually, good visual design can promote sales, let customers to buy new products. Visual display allows the brand have the display effect of maximizing in the shop.

visual display can help brand display products at the same time increase the brand recognition degree, improve the brand influence. Through a set of frames can tell a story, to promote consumers to buy the product. Consumers usually attracted to beautiful exhibition stand. So, display stand must delicate have visual impact, let customers no longer would you want to other products, have a kind of extreme shopping experience.

the following is the most important in the design of exhibition stand seven tips:

1. Don't worry about your exhibition stand too audacious

experimental retail is one of the largest retail trend this year. Consumers eager to see the unprecedented exhibition frame, a new shopping experience. So, despite the article design the box. We usually see cosmetics exhibition frames have a symmetrical shape, the structure of the standard framework. But if you're looking for is not symmetrical design, it is completely out of coordination. If a customer prior to your exhibition stand stopped and asked, 'what is this' it successfully attracted his attention.

2。 Adds value to the customer

in order to create the height of the feedback, you need to tell customers to buy goods after what they can get. Such as add some labels 'immediately buy' word 'coupons', to encourage customers to action immediately. Give additional coupons can cross on the same kind of commodities or other goods consumption.

3。 Integrated into the story background in exhibition stand design

don't miss a chance to show frame will talk, tell your brand story, through the story touched by customers, consciousness deep into the customer's mind.

use exhibition more than overhead space or a waste of space, make full use of his, do a beautiful picture, or add a video, the propaganda effect as television advertising.

4。 Data support

if your product does not belong to impulse spending, to make up my mind to buy before they need to know more. Need to add some information at this time, to ensure that they have the storage of data from exhibition stand attractive design, it will bring value to customers, this is a very effective marketing tool.

5。 Keep interaction

using technology to give more interactive exhibition stand. Customers can use their phones to scan qr code correlation to interact with the exhibition stand, customers through in-depth understanding of the product to produce purchase desire.

these methods can be placed through a screen or some electronic coupons by AR technology to achieve them. Not only increase the readability and more entertaining, to allow customers satisfied with the experience of feeling, to rely on the brand.

with visual and auditory experience in exhibition stand, make the customer touch the product, with good experience, increase confidence in the products, to promote sales.

therefore, interactive exhibition will increase sales, no doubt.

6。 Environmental protection is important

unless you have been sleeping for many years, climate change also has a significant impact on the retail industry. Consumers want the brand on the packaging design more contribution for environmental protection.

many European countries and Asian countries has banned the use of a single plastic products. Early in the product design needs to consider the carbon emissions. No company is willing to be disclosed on environmental resources waste scandal. Therefore, in order to avoid the headache problem in the future, have the consciousness of environmental protection as soon as possible, can become the industry leader.

7。 Establish focus

sometimes, you want to try 'pyramid' rule, the superposition of a single product one by one. Think about it and the customer's glasses will be from the top down, or from down to up, eventually aimless, lose the direction.

so, let your product position have a focal point is very important, to the point, so that customers can see one of your products.

visual exhibition stand for marketing more and more important, crucial if planning exhibition stand.

successful exhibition frames can plus for products to consumers at the same time find a reason to buy, finally promote the market competition.

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