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Scene change on earth in living in a new retail marketing have what effect?

by:YL Display     2020-03-04
New retail was originally established in 2016 by jack ma, alibaba put forward by the ali the cloud conference in October, he thinks that 'over the next ten years, twenty years, there is no e-commerce, only new retail'. New retail refers to the industry generally believe that is based on the Internet, through the use of big data, advanced technology means such as artificial intelligence, the commodity production, circulation and sales process upgrading, and restore the structure of the formats and the ecosystem, and online services, offline experience and in-depth integration of modern logistics and retail new pattern. New retail industry is put forward to build a future commercial forms the imagination of the future, caused widespread concern and discussion. In the field of household building materials, the wave of new retail has affected the whole industry, the main reason is that household building materials industry is from the traditional to the interconnection on the eve of the revolution, the thoughts spread of anticipation and anxiety about the future. On the one hand, the market scale of China's household building materials industry as high as 5 trillion, and the proportion of the Internet is still very low, from scattered to centralized industry still has a long way. Traditional household building materials, on the other hand, the enterprise the management model and business logic has touched the ceiling, and the new household enterprises with the Internet as a weapon, such as shang pin home delivery in just a few short years has been a rapid development, the success of the company is once again, let us see the Internet enterprise in traditional household in front of huge potential energy. As a result, although we have not unified for new retail definition, but there is no doubt that household building materials companies embrace the Internet has become the industry development of inevitable direction. New retail to the Internet and large data, such as artificial intelligence technology as the backing, it is a category or a refers to, under the flag of different enterprise may put forward different ways to change the Internet. The problem is that the household building materials industry has its own pain points and the rule of the industry, industry characteristics, industry how to advanced Internet technology combined with traditional value chain, achieve entities and the Internet, the efficiency of production and double jump is industry need to explore and practice topic. Forward, in living in the process of the Internet has spawned a variety of new technology and the Internet solutions, finally does not exist before or on the shelf of a large number of landing. Scene change, by contrast, marketing has the congenital 'landing' advantage. If we put a strip of enterprise, retaining only the most important part of will find finally has two departments can't be give up - — The production department and Marketing Department. Also, a new technology for enterprise's maximum value embodied in the two aspects: production and marketing, that is to say, you either can help enterprises to improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce cost, or can help household enterprise marketing. At present, the furniture industry for production of the Internet solutions have begun to take shape, for example, shang pin home delivery, round square, from the 3 d technology enterprises in guangzhou, can do by means of three dimensional design scheme and help generate bom, shangpin's factory do the customized production, even the flexible production, it is undoubtedly a new century of the industrial revolution. For household building materials, however, the Internet on marketing solutions are rarely fall to the ground to shape, scenario-based marketing plan seems to be an exception, so far, almost all the household building materials enterprises have introduced preparation plan. Scene change on earth in living in a new retail marketing have what effect? To promote household enterprise new retail, scenario-based marketing has a huge role and widely used, mainly displays in: 1. The establishment of the principal position of the customer throughout the home, the change of enterprise marketing mode we can find a clear pattern: early household enterprise marketing is given priority to with natural sales, waiting for the customer the door, at this time of the enterprises still take the initiative; As competition intensified, the terminal for the white-hot, and dealers began to store looking for the business, such as community promotion, building activities, etc. , the equivalent of the product sales lead, more convenient to let the customer experience. More recently, with the rise of the Internet, household enterprises to further meet the user's habits, not only selling products, will need a good product packaging, door-to-door delivery. One of the most obvious changes, is to improve the customer's status, household enterprises need racking their brains for a guest. The sales way is to scene marketing era, has a complete reversal of one-way hard sell approach, customers to become the main form of interaction autonomous selection, autonomous collocation, the principal position of the customer was eventually established, store clerk is no longer a simple salesman, and become the customer's design consultants, household consultants, experience fully upgraded. 2. Sales process of interactive whether wal-mart's service with a smile or starbucks ambience, don't change the nature of the 'I hear you say' sales, wal-mart and starbucks will sell only as far as possible the process of tender, weakened the utilitarian, let customers feel less. This building with household enterprise image shop in fact, however, the relationship between the customers and the underlying commodity or stores are not changed. Scene after marketing popularization of household stores marketing goes beyond the traditional decoration, sales words the category of refining, store layout, customers can choose according to their own willingness to household products, free replacement. Cloud at home three times, for example, the design of the platform can restore customer within five minutes of home, and read the product 'into my home' effect, the interaction are enhanced obviously. Of course, the customer requirements more clearly into single opportunity also will greatly improve. In the marketing of the scene mode, the relationship between the customers and the goods, sales and customer relationship is being reshaped. 3. Data driven marketing change for your customers to draw a clear picture of this in the past is hard to imagine the large data of the Internet made it. Through vast amounts of data collection, determine the user's attributes and user behavior, the system automatically attach different labels for your customers, feedback of household enterprises may, according to a large amount of data for product research and development, the innovation of marketing mode of inventory management and. Enterprise marketing more accurate, to the effect. From the current industry applications, cloud at home three times background system has household enterprises can provide a full range of data analysis model and as a result, the real time control of the development trend of industry trends, let household enterprises, first step response. The data will eventually become a powerful weapon of marketing.
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