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Shoe rack reveals ark maintenance method

by:YL Display     2021-03-29

a, clean dishcloth must

display case for cleaning and maintenance, must first determine whether the cloth clean. After clean or wipe dust, be sure to flip or change a piece of clean cloth to use again. Don't be lazy and repeated use have dirty side, this will only make the dirt over and over again in the commercial furniture surface friction, it will damage the display cabinet light surface.

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2, must remove the lacquer surface watermark

let wet cup of paint on the table will often leave a circle aggravating the watermark, how can quickly get rid of them? You can spread a piece of wet cloth clean the watermark in the desktop, and then use the iron above at a relatively low temperature pressing, so can make into the paint film of moisture evaporation, so that the watermark. Using this method, however, use dishcloth cannot too thin, the iron temperature is not too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop is gone, but the brand but can't remove out.

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three, must choose the right care agent

reveals ark want to maintain the original brightness, currently have reveal ark care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent two reveals ark maintain article. The former is mainly aimed at all kinds of wood, the material such as polyester, paint, fire rubber sheet reveals ark, with jasmine and lemon two different and fresh fragrance. Which are suitable for all kinds of wood, glass, composite wood or the plate resistance and other solid wood display case, especially for mixed materials reveal ark. Therefore, if you can use both clean and care the effect maintain article, can save a lot of valuable time. Care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent before using, had better to shake it first, and then hold spray cans, a 45-degree Angle, can let the tank liquid composition in do not break the conditions of pressure to be released in full. Against dishcloth after gently gush a distance of about 15 cm, so again to wipe the furniture business, can have very good effect of cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the dishcloth after use, remember to wash to dry. As to reveal ark with fabric material, such as cloth art sofa, leisure cushion for leaning on, you can use to clean carpet cleaning and maintenance agent. When using, inhale dust with cleaner in addition to the first, then a small amount of spray carpet cleaner on the wet cloth to wipe.

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4, eliminate reveal ark paint very hot mark

if not careful, the surface of the wooden clothing shelves are likely to leave very hot mark, don't panic, in general, as long as the rag wipe can be removed in a timely manner. But if very hot mark too deep, you can wipe gently with tincture of iodine in the above, or paint a vaseline oil on it, day with a soft cloth to wipe again very hot mark can be wiped out.

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shoe rack display case reveals ark manufacturer reveals ark order

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