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Dongguan youlian display technology co., ltd. is affiliated to the banner of dongguan youlian group, which owns the hardware, woodware and acrylic processing departments.

It is a product display solutions provider that provides design, sample making, production and transportation for the display racks, display stands & display shelves for global customers. We own 30,000 square meters of self-built production plant, and have more than 100 technicians who have been engaged in the production of commodity display cabinets and exhibition stands for many years as well as designers in the construction process. We strictly guarantee the quality and cost, and are committed to making your products stand out in the terminal brand and in the competition. Retail store display fixtures design has huge influence on customer flows, selling, brand display. 


We can provide professional display solutions for retail stores and custom display racks according to specific requirements of customers.

For example, for wine display, we can custom wine racks acoording to the space of the specifit retail store, countertop wine rack for small quantity wine display, display stands of 6 bottle.12 bottle, 24 botttle wine rack, wine rack cabinet for more quantity wine display; 

For supermaket display fixtures, supermarket racks have grocery display rack, drinks display stand, fruits and vegetables display racks, etc for different products display area;

For cosmetics retail display, cosmetics landing display stand for full category, countertop makeup display rack for specific cosmetics.


In brief, YL have profession to provide product retail display solutions, welcome to contact us for details.


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