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Supermarkets have a wide variety of shelves

Supermarkets have a wide variety of shelves


Supermarkets have a wide variety of shelves

With the improvement of people's living standard in contemporary society, they have a higher desire for daily shopping.The scale of the supermarket is getting larger and larger, which needs to be supplemented by various kinds of daily necessities constantly. Therefore, the development of the supermarket also drives the continuous increase of the sales volume of the exhibition shelves.Then uni-Union display stand next with us to understand the classification and use of supermarket display stand,

There are various types of exhibition shelves in supermarkets, which can be divided into the following categories according to the size of supermarkets (stores) :

一. large supermarket display cabinet (also known as hypermarket display cabinet).

The goods display in the store is rich, with higher requirements for display cabinets in weight bearing, size and color.

二. Standard supermarket display Cases (also called medium supermarket display cases)

The display cabinet is specially developed and designed for the standard supermarket. It is light, beautiful and occupies little space. It has no complex accessories like the display cabinet in the big store, and the display mode has been adjusted accordingly, paying more attention to the display effect and humanized display.

三. the convenience store display case

Convenience store display case is suitable for convenience stores, retail stores and cosmeceuticals stores. It adopts the toolless installation concept and is easy to install.Easy to move, display cabinet features delicate, light, beautiful, professional strong

According to the use position of the display case in the supermarket, it is mainly divided into:

1. Single-side display cabinet (mainly used against the wall)

2. Double-sided exhibition cabinets

3. End frame (for both ends of a row of double-sided display cabinets)

With the continuous development of the supermarket industry, in order to meet the display needs of supermarkets, display enterprises have developed a series of special display cabinets, such as washing display cabinets, clothing racks, snack racks, vegetable racks, fruit racks and so on.

This is the end of the introduction about how many kinds of exhibition cabinets are divided into. We look forward to working with you in the commercial exhibition of Uni-Union

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