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The benefits of folding display rack design promotion

by:YL Display     2020-03-09
Life can be seen everywhere in the folding structure design, such as folding bicycles, folding stool, folding chairs, folding bed. Surely, you are no stranger to folding products. So in the display industry, what can bring us convenience? First, space saving selling promotional display shelf, native PP plastic hollow board production, is mainly used for super, and exhibition so idle at ordinary times, after dismantling and stacked up, super province space. Second, easy to carry activity space, display need to be moved around, perhaps today in the east of the city square, ran to the west to the exhibition tomorrow. Therefore, light weight, easy to carry and folded to show a big advantage. Third, moistureproof waterproof can pack folding storage before the arrival of the rain, after waiting for the rain stopped and rearrangement can open. Is it very convenient?
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