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The collocation of jewelry display ark commonly used methods

by:YL Display     2021-03-30

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a: collocation props and display ark

1) reveals ark adornment: to make renovation reveals ark more vivid, activity, can be in tray space flowers, leaves and other plants, vase, stone, etc.

2. The wall of the wall decorative jewelry sales site is a very good land. Wall decoration should be paid attention to corporate image, product image and brand image and service image.

3. Jewelry cases to light can highlight the goods store display shape, color, texture, attract the attention of the customer. The lights of the jewelry scientific and reasonable configuration requirements.

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with 2: props props with jewelry color color to foil jewelry color, can use contrast or color coordination prominent jewelry, the current domestic market common collocation method.

(1) black velvet tray cheng fang platinum inlaid with diamonds, black and white contrast foil diamond bright ray of light.

(2) white tray lined with red borders, jade ornaments, red and green contrast foil emerald green.

3. White silk trays in all kinds of pearls, foil the gently beautiful pearl.

(4) with a light blue silk tray cheng fang platinum jewelry, foil platinum silver light.

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all the props and decoration are serving the jewelry sales, props used should highlight the selling points of commodities, in style, colour is tie-in what to harmony, not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.

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