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The maintenance skill that woodiness shows ark

The maintenance skill that woodiness shows ark


The maintenance skill that woodiness shows ark

I am Lisa from Dongguan Youlian Display Technology Co., LTD. Today, I would like to share with you the maintenance skills of wooden display cabinets. High-end display cabinets need long-term maintenance and maintenance.

Maintenance tips for display cabinets:

一, avoid direct sunlight: especially in autumn and winter season, although the sunlight is not as violent as summer, long-term sunshine irradiation and the dry climate, the wood is too dry, easy to appear cracks and part fade.This will take the shine off the display case.

二, prevent dust: generally speaking, by the high-grade show ark that waits for making with annatto, teak, oak, walnut has elaborate carve to carve a flower to decorate.If do not clean dust regularly, the ash in small gap is easy to affect beautiful, at the same time dust is to let wooden counter quickly "grow old" killer

三, keep moist: the moist of high-end display cabinet cannot rely on moisture to provide, that is to say, cannot use dishcloth to simply wipe, should use professional nursing essential oil however, the composition that contains among them is easy to be absorbed by woodiness, woodiness can lock the moisture in woodiness again.It can prevent woodiness craze and be out of shape, nourish woodiness, make woodiness show ark to reproduce luster, prolong service life.

四:Avoid scratch: do not let hard metal products or other sharp objects and display cabinet collision, in order to protect its surface does not appear hard marks and hanging silk phenomenon.

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