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Transport in the display ark easily damaged parts!

by:YL Display     2021-03-30
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all know that the white glass is one of the indispensable material, is also the most insecure parts in transit; Wooden frame routine is not completely protect the glass, if do not pay attention to when getting on or off is easy to split collision or lack of an Angle, and so on. Especially go LCL, there are at least two loading and unloading, transporting. If the loading and unloading of luxury jewelry jewelry display ark of workers do not pay attention to, that is dangerous. Even the closed wooden box packaging, may also be damaged. So, jewelry display ark shipping needs to be repeatedly told logistics company must pay more attention to. In addition to the protection of the wooden frame, and drawing film, protection of the cornea and bubble film; But in order to save the packaging cost, wooden frame won't play tight, also in slightly when loading and unloading of goods do not pay attention to it's easy to knock against. Plank upon bad jewelry display ark, off the paint is also inevitable. Of course, these questions will not necessarily appear, just some probability event. Wooden frame or the cost of the wooden case is a bit high, but the customer not to save the cost; One thousand there was a problem in transportation, although can solve, but a waste of time and experience, some serious and even affect the opening. If enough number of jewelry display ark, our suggestion is special in the past, of course fees will be very high it is necessary to take into account customer according to the actual situation. Cosmetics display shelf
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