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What are the cosmetics reveal ark design style

by:YL Display     2021-04-02

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a lot of girls cannot leave the cosmetics, makeup is a very important thing, and can enhance the confidence of the girl, have more temperament. So see at most in business is all kinds of brand cosmetics, so cosmetics cases and is inseparable from, the following is the small make up to share with you, the design style of cosmetics cases.

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1。 Contemporary and contracted cosmetics cases, contemporary and contracted style emphasizes the cosmetics shelves design 'less is more', through the form of contracted design and colour collocation strongly demonstrate the diversity of products, on the line of cosmetics cases to emphasize concise and smooth.

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2。 Retro cosmetics cases, the style that restore ancient ways is an imaginative way, according to the consumer goods area and consumer groups are designed to add local culture, at the same time to restore ancient ways have no architecture and design as a reference to the practice of totem, the ancient culture and products to merge with showed more intense sensory experience.

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