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What does dress display rack in the clothing store?

by:YL Display     2020-03-05
In recent years, with the development and the progress of the society, people to the requirement of wearing also develops gradually from comfortable to brand, quality. Clothing store of clothing display shelf is to make customers most effectively in the limited time and space to accept information, so as to attract the attention of the customer. How to better use clothing display rack can better attract customers, make clothing display rack role play to maximize? Clothing display shelf, at the same store clothing display rack should be basic unified modelling, the purpose is to make a neat, orderly environment, a good atmosphere for shopping. Consistent size, materials consistent, consistent form features, color is consistent, make the garment reveal frame unified feeling. Clothing display shelf clothing display shelf arrangement, it is the main content of the clothing store layout, woven from display shelf/display cabinet structure, determines the flow of customers, no matter in vertical cross, slash, radiant, or directly type layout methods, such as free circulation type, all the contents should be changed and keep certain flexibility, so that need to be adjusted at any time in the form of clothing display shelf. So integrated all sorts of modern shopping malls display ark adopts the form of the combination, is only a small amount of some stores in the form of fixed. Clothing display to display goods, generally do not use irritating color, so as to avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. But commodities display stand with the color relations between, you must take into account the usual color effect. Such as colorful products, display color to gray; The goods of light color, reveal frame color should be deep; Dark goods, show color should be light. Display shelf and commodities colorific collocation is to play a role as the background color of foil.
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