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What important is custom cosmetic display rack?

by:YL Display     2020-03-06
According to the 1-2017 In July the national class cosmetics retail value statistical analysis report, cosmetics industry overall growth, cosmetics is various forces eyeing up this big cake, but no one or several can enjoy this delicious. Consumers can never be satisfied. Want to stand out in a the cosmetics, a tailored shirt display rack is necessary! Why is the customized show necessary? This show will show the user what advantage? l Highlight product display products is the most basic function of a display, and customized in display and what's the difference between the ordinary display shelf? Is 'outstanding' 2 words, it has two meanings: one is to show the products were highlighted, and make their products stand out from other products, and make the new quarter with other products; 2 it is to make the product highlights and not out of line, and stores the overall harmony of style and not weird alternative. I think this is probably a girl make-up before and after difference, to highlight your beauty, but not change the face of cosmetic. In the words of human resource management, put the best people in the most appropriate post. Similarly, a customized display rack is the most suitable products to the most appropriate place, and then to shine. Strewn at random have the display to show more attractive l. Special features beautiful cosmetics show in addition to the requirements on display, to functional above also to have certain request, for example, lipstick show need to match the mirror to convenience of our customers daub, put small store content box of tissues with makeup cotton or drawer is used to provide to the customer at any time to wipe discharge makeup, foundation reveal frame requires a lighting, etc. Personalized demand is derived from to provide customers better and more quality services. And obviously, batch production show is unable to meet the personalized needs of enterprises. Cosmetics display stand with LED display at the bottom of the lamp to enhance display effect is two important points: brand promotion propaganda is to do a logo, let consumer good and easy to remember. Common cosmetic display appearance on the market the same, change a logo can all use. For companies, however, no more than 'the hit show' terror. Design of customized display rack can combine branding and product display, made to attract consumer attention products that line to achieve the effect of brand publicity. The second is to 'soft', be silent penetration. So-called great music sound, good propaganda way is the ease with which, the jiangnan tanneries type of wheat can win a heat topic, but consumers for this kind of omnipresent advertising endure degree is very low, will soon be trigger antipathy. The brand publicity into product display rack, using part of the product transfer consumer attention, its stand threshold will tend to rise, reception, the two interaction ultimately achieve the desired effect enterprises constantly.
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