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What is a new retail?

by:YL Display     2020-03-04
Ma in hangzhou the cloud conference mentioned 'new retail', but actually do pay attention to the 'new retail' which point. 1 to have a continuous 'new goods' in the past, people consumption value cheap more cost-effective; But now, more and more people pay attention to quality, personality, services, and the resulting consumer experience, more and more people love new fancy goods, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), robot technology, such as intelligent products and create brands, original products, handicrafts and so on. Forever is the main retail goods 'content', goods force is the core competence of retail enterprises. Like new consumption hot spots always dynamic, sell like hot cakes products has always been changing. But now retail is not selling goods, providing services, leading the new way of life, but both in service and lead the way of life, is inseparable from the support goods, and services to compete, life style of old and new, more innovation has great relationship with the product. To move forward, therefore, the first is to have a steady stream of new products, as well as to be able to reflect the new consumption trend, change direction, has certain forward-looking, leading, should also be in conformity with the mainstream consumer groups of consumer demand change, achieve the populist grounding gas. Environment must be 2 'high level' appearance is also see the 'face' retail industry, the high popularity, high sales entity shop, all without exception is a high level, high pretend bility of appearance shop, the environment of SCM type, for decades the same old faces, such as the above-mentioned 'friendship'. Without innovation environment, atmosphere, there is no so-called 'new retail'. Innovation on display includes retail property of gear upgrades, such as counters, shelves and other equipment upgrades, also contains category combination collocation, varieties, commodity exhibition of innovation and change, usually combined with the adjustment of the operation. Ambience is equal to the stores make up, is a long-term, hard work, mainly embarks from the experience of the 'five awareness, enhance the level of store appearance and temperament. But the ascension of environment especially the atmosphere of the build is not put into the bigger the better, sometimes also can use your head, such as some shopping center, the introduction of gardenia, wheat fields, such as the maple leaves, investment is not big, but received very good effect, is worth using for reference. From 'a man without I have 3' to 'new' I have found that in recent years, focusing on the 'buy buy' department has been strong instead of 'eat, drink, and be merry' shopping center? And shopping center in the past only dining, theaters, children's amusement experience formats, but now update the shopping center is introduced at children's hospital, confined center, pet park, etc. Layout more experience forms should be is a big trend, also is an important direction of the business mode innovation. In addition, with the development of more and more stores, homogeneity is more and more common, in order to avoid a price war, find a way of market segment is a innovation path. Sweet shop, for example, everyone, and I only do Hong Kong style desserts, or even just do one of the critical; Man without I have, people have my new, new I, is an important principle in the innovation of the formats, and only then, will the topic of sex of the formats, guest, joint forces to the limit. 4 efficient necessary 'good housekeeping' retail current predicament, largely due to the extensive, inefficient management. 'Golden age' in the past, too many companies are keen to their, drive used to scale, the past is ignorant of fine management, lay the money earned; Is now do not know how to implement of fine management, so the crisis, many companies' profits in the cliff fall. If can make cost, lower cost, and let the goods turnover speed faster, let employees work efficiency higher, let all kinds of damage loss a little bit small, the enterprise is likely to be is a fall in growth, rather than the decline in performance, more is not a loss. But the artificial cost expensive is the indisputable fact that, enterprises do not pay cut, but inspire staff potential, improve efficiency, 'when the highest wages lowest cost' very reasonable; From the system and mechanism, process, system, organization setting and other aspects of! ! ! ! Careful management, cost control, it should be the basic skills of retail enterprises, if these homework, many enterprises should not be confused about what to do, as it is anxious. 5 marketing must 'city will play' at present, most retail marketing or traditional routines, old old cavity: discounts, gifts, buy, reduce, lottery, and so on, is not fresh, both at the expense of his gross margin and profit, woo for consumers and attract role is very limited. May need to build a new marketing environment 'city will play' young team, marketing need young state of mind, passion, consumption, and no one wants to see sit solemnity. Can follow the customer 'fitting in' a, resonate, in brief to tell some stories, play some feelings, seize the new consumption hot spots, stick to popular topics, to attract young people. 6 preparation must be 'to' someone said the new retail without new technology, it is right, of course, but the importance of the new technology of new retail is clear, no new technology as support, new retail is not attached. Retail of new technology can be roughly divided into two levels, it is a convenient technique on the level of service, improving consumer experience, such as mobile payments, intelligent parking, electronic price tag, online orders, intelligent the fitting, AR VR experience and so on, these technology is indispensable, not or delay will affect the consumption experience; The second is to improve the enterprise management efficiency, power supply chain upgrade, the technology on the level of fine management, such as mobile office, information, technology, such as large data without these, it will be difficult to adapt to the new situation of competition. Close to the demand, really let consumers love, feel happy. Rather than create new 'concept' and 'theory'.
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