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What is the function of data display shelf?

by:YL Display     2020-03-07
That sells on the market at present, the data show there are many brands and types, the size, style, material, there are differences, then introduce for you. Data reveal frame type on the market, the merchants of production data show there are many, therefore, its type is diverse. The classification can be according to the style, can also according to the material. Among them, the points according to the style have floor type, magnetic suspension type, desktop, hanging, rotary, theme display, such as different types. Different material and different style of data show the use of different occasions, the buyer can according to different industries, using occasions when buy, use what kind of display shelf right to decide to buy. Data display function told: new products when new product sale, cooperate with other mass media publicity, in sales areas use paper/paper display shelf for promotional activities, can attract consumer attention, stimulate their purchasing desire. To attract customers into stores: two-thirds of people in the actual purchase is temporarily make a buying decision, apparently, retail sales and its flow rate is proportional to the customer. And can provide the product information to consumers, play a role to attract customers, contribute to its purchase determination. To promote the enterprise image, can rise to set up and improve enterprise image, and then keep a good relationship with the consumer, is an important part of corporate visual identity. Data reveal frame can store logo, standard word, standard color, corporate image design, advertising signs, slogans, such as made into various forms of publicity, to shape a distinctive corporate image. Holiday sales promotion: data display with holiday sales promotion is an important means. In a variety of traditional and modern festival, display shelf can create an atmosphere of joy, for the holiday sales season played their part. Data display and maintenance in the rag wipe the newspaper stand use must be clean, must wipe out side to the other side or change a clean piece of cloth, can't have been use has been wiped side, such meetings make originally the dirt on the cloth to friction on the newspaper stand again, more easily damaged frames the original lustre. Appropriate care agent, of course, is also a maintenance, to the newspaper stand on the market at present there are two kinds of care agent, spray wax and cleaning care agent, spray wax general for wood, the use of paint, fire rubber sheet, etc. Clean and care agent mainly for all kinds of wood, glass or synthetic wood, etc. , so if you can understand these to the newspaper stand cleaning and maintenance also can save a large part of the time, in the use of the two products must shake first, make it have to be spray evenly and then, at last with a clean, dry cloth to wipe clean.
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