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What kind of cases and design is good design

by:YL Display     2021-03-31
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to reveal ark is necessary to personalized design, is also very important, and so on shelves design, should how to do? How to design and can be regarded as a good design?

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consumer: industrial standard production is difficult to meet the demand of individual character in ambry industry, answer to the question of the standardized production can meet the demand of individual character style of the owners don't want to completely consistent, originally a small area within the same family pattern can't change, if the ambry of home the same again, is too boring, also not suitable for the need of every family. The personage inside course of study: the production of industrialization will not undo the individuality demand for consumers worry, industry insiders say it is not necessary to completely.

reveal ark design is not a single, take the cases, it shows the location of the different, is not the same product page display, design is more subjective and build things to evaluate themselves is feel better, but not necessarily can meet consumers' aesthetic, more important is customized storefront is in order to better show a certain brand of different products, customized storefront in design because how to embody the brand culture is more important.

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generally used in the process of store shelves manufacture level density board, greener and more sturdy and durable, make store shelves have qualitative feeling more bright. Now many of the cases and manufacturers can according to customer demand production cases, in the process of making cases and is generally at the time of making cases and, according to customer need to put the cases to places, and the demand of design, reasonable use a space according to the different tastes of different environment to determine color style, and many other factors, if you want to find their own brand culture store shelves design, you also need to find a storefront has strength in cases to make customized manufacturer.

storefront and furniture are two different industries, but there are lots of places are similar, but there are still many details, making cases and teacher may not be able to make furniture, furniture also master does not necessarily can produce shelves. Then we can talk about their specific where is different. Obviously different USES, most cases are used for commercial display. And most of the furniture is reflected in use is the family. Most commercial notice is the effect of the show, how to embody the product, so on the surface show exhibiting ark is to work, how to embody the product how to do it. Specific now is practical, and family who want to buy a furniture is both beautiful and practical, buy a set of furniture at least also want to use a more than a decade. Reflect practical shall, on the basis, the general materials are real wood is in the majority.

reveal ark design to avoid scratches on use cases, should avoid sharp objects scratch cabinet put oneself in another's position and door plank. Scratch after cases to cause paint falls off, cases and board, not only affects the overall image of storefront, will also reduce cases to use fixed number of year. Clean hardware on a regular basis to clean shelves, can prevent the cases on the hardware products of rust. In clean, so it is important to note that the drawer rail or cupboard door hinges on cannot have the appearance of dust and debris.

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if there is dirt, can use small hair brushing or use dry cloth to wipe. Cases and moisture-proof to avoid cases to encounter water damage, be affected with damp be affected with damp, moldy phenomenon from. Humid summer weather, should pay attention to ventilation to keep indoor dry. Cases to be affected with damp be affected with damp rust will also cause hardware fittings, the use of poor. Use less balmy agent just installed cases there will be more terrible smell, to hide the taste, contains many shopkeepers will use of the chemical composition of the aromatic agent for closet in taste, but it may cause damage cases and oxidation of storefront. To just finished decorating the inn in case some more activated carbon, use less air conditioning in summer, keep the air flowing.

use the intuitive visual impression by goods to customers, advertising goods spread commodity information, the basic function is one of the high-quality goods shelves. At the same time, the high-quality goods shelves also unceasingly in the sales and production of life among the media. Guide consumption through introducing products performance specifications using method, maintenance method, etc. , to help customers increase commodity knowledge and scientific knowledge, according to the need to choose suitable goods. Production through all kinds of goods on display, convenient for people to identify each product the quality of the designs and varieties and the technical level of packaging decoration, cases and make prompt to carry out the production competition between businesses, sum up experience, the reform process, creating high-quality brand-name products. At the same time, help to understand the market needs, adjust the contradiction between production and sales. To expand sales of high-quality goods shelves can stimulate the purchasing power, expanding sales goods, increase the turnover, is advantageous to the currency, to accumulate capital for the country. Beautify the environment good high-quality goods shelves, can prosperous market, meet the needs of the people's material life, and can enrich the spiritual life of people, to give artistic enjoyment of beauty.
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