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What kind of material is good for display frame?

What kind of material is good for display frame?


What kind of material is good for display frame?

1, metal: Metal exhibition stand this kind of can be said to have a modern feeling, an indispensable material in Gaurui products, metal exhibition stand is more practical value, metal exhibition stand belongs to durable, easy to clean, easy to install, so metal exhibition stand this kind of product it is also the leading product.Metal has been popular since thousands of years ago, making people feel that the use of this metal jewelry to express noble temperament.。

2, wood products: wooden display shelf: this kind of product it is mainly made of environment-friendly wood materials, with special fire prevention board and all kinds of decorative materials and glass makings.It has no fixed standard, this product can be according to the demand for goods and location on the ground, then you can do the standard shape or special exhibition.

3, glass system: glass exhibition frame can be divided into light glass display cabinets, attic type glass display cabinets and gallery type glass display cabinets.Glass this kind of product it looks concise, glittering and translucent get rid of shows the characteristic and appear particularly bright beautiful, glass shows frame effect sketch to be able to bring different feeling to people, still can give your home at the same time at the moment bright, find everything new and fresh, ice is cool extremely.

4, baking paint: the use of baking paint technology made of the exhibition frame, is often called the painting exhibition frame.Paint light exhibition rack is better than matte, paint display cabinet is relatively rich in color, and this product can be made into a variety of modeling, for the display of product characteristics and the display of the brand image of the product have a good reflection.
5, electroplating, plating technology on exhibition stand, to show more elegant than painting, but the cost is higher than the lacquer that bake, different color price is not the same, plating gold is in the plating price is high, of course the price also has something to do with the product and quality requirements, the golden light of the exhibition stand than matte grade, electroplating, displays in the display industry is relatively high-end products, no matter use anywhere more bright eye for the characteristics of display and demonstrating the brand image of the product has good effect.

Summary: about the sitting room show wear how to design good-looking and show wear which kind of material is qualitative good relevant content is introduced here, the sitting room puts show wear use to return true many, not only can have adornment effect, also have receive effect at the same time, the effect that different material shows wear also is to have distinction.

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