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What role does the acrylic display rack?

by:YL Display     2020-03-08
Both in stores and retail stores, need to use display to display their products, but invisible advertising display shelf is equal to the product, how can you stand out in the wide variety of goods? A beautiful, rich implication of acrylic display in the role of commodity exhibition is surely can not be ignored. Well-designed acrylic display not only to better display products, at the same time to bring customers better shopping experience, and also can give businesses a positive role. Reasonable profit into acrylic display product show, during the presentation of the product appearance at the same time pay more attention to the embodiment of the quality, to the customer to form the overall comprehensive visual effect, can effectively enhance the customer experience, to promote product sales. What is the acrylic? Acrylic is a transparent glass like material, also have opaque colored. Also called organic glass, using range is very wide, cosmetics exhibition frame, store display props acrylic light box door head setting wall of acrylic font, etc. The word 'acrylic' may sound very strange, because it is a new words didn't appear in the mainland in the past two years. Until 2002, when it's in the advertising industry, furniture industry, handicraft industry will grow by a few people know. 'ACRYLIC is a transliteration loanwords, English is ACRYLIC, it is a kind of chemical material. Chemical name is called 'PMMA allyl alcohol, commonly known as' through special processing of organic glass, its application in industry of raw materials generally take the form of particles, sheet, pipe, etc. Acrylic and Organic Glass, Organic Glass 'Organic Glass' from English. In recent years in some areas will all transparent plastic sheet are collectively referred to as organic glass, actually this is wrong, acrylic refer specifically to pure poly (methyl methacrylate ( PMMA) Material and PMMA plate as acrylic sheet. Acrylic high transparency, light transmittance of 92%, have 'plastic crystal. And has excellent weatherability, especially used in outdoor, in the other plastics, and have good surface hardness and gloss, machining plasticity is big, can be made into various shapes and the product you need. There are many types of the other plate color is rich, Including the translucent color swatches) And the other is characterized by thick plate can still maintain a high transparency. With the merits of the acrylic products to distinguish method: 1, from the perspective of the protection of paper and brand identity of acrylic facial, formal companies typically have a uniform image. 2, from the perspective of the transparency of acrylic. Tear this is one of the most important, to protect the paper contrast light acrylic transparency, slant blue, yellow, these are recycled materials and new materials of the composite. All is made of new material plate high transparency. Acrylic transparency standards is 92%, than the glass is more transparent. High transparency acrylic processing into products after polishing is also very transparent, with surface is almost the same. So we have to contrast the transparency of acrylic. 3, from the perspective of the thickness tolerance of acrylic, the more good acrylic thickness tolerance is smaller, it can be determined according to their needs. If it is to do some crafts and gifts, display shelf, display products that do not affect. But do some lens panel and high product accessories required thickness must advance with related vendors to specify the relevant standards.
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