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What's the display shelf for?

by:YL Display     2020-03-08
Commercial display: the goods to the customer the intuitive visual impression, advertising goods, transmission commodity information, is a basic function of the commercial display shelf. At the same time, commercial display also unceasingly in the medium effect between the business of life, and sales and production. Below we together to the analysis on market now used show exactly what effect is there? Guide consumption display through introducing products performance, specifications, application method, maintenance method, etc. , to help customers faster commodity knowledge and use of the method, according to the need of choose and buy the right goods. Expand sales business display can stimulate the purchasing power, expanding sales goods, increase the turnover. Commercial display goods as a result of the ultimate goal of increasing sales, it is another form of advertisements. At the scene to direct sales and consumers to meet physical commodities, so more persuasive, easy to impress the customer. Conducive to production through all kinds of goods display, easy to identify the quality of the various products of the masses, breed of design and color, and the technical level of packaging, competition between enterprises to carry out production, sum up experience, the reform process, creating high-quality brand-name products. At the same time, help to understand the market needs, adjust the contradiction between production and sales. Beautify the environment process easy and beautiful reveal frame, can both market prosperity, is full of people's material life needs, and can enrich the spiritual life of people, to give artistic enjoyment of beauty. Reasonable decorate business reveal frame, can play the role of beautification shopping environment. Paper display products in today's society as essential commodity exhibition and marketing of products, have a relatively long history, today small make up to introduce paper shows the development history of packaging products. Actually man invented paper so far has a history of 2000 years, except as the important carrier of information, the paper also has a prominent function, that is packing. Paper products packaging paper and pulp as the main raw material of the packaging material products, the product range includes paper box, paper carton, paper bags, paper tube, paper cans, paper container; Molded pulp egg cartons, industrial packaging pad, paper trays, paper Angle protector paper liner material or the inner packing material products such as: corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard sheet, and paper lunch boxes, paper cups, paper plates, paper disposable tableware. As the basis of paper products of raw materials, specifically for packaging paper and paperboard, also belong to the category of paper products packaging. Papermaking began in the western han dynasty, the earliest according to 'han. Filial piety into zhao queen's biography records 'in the basket in a, Hector hoof book'. YingShao note yue: 'Hector hoof, thin little paper also'. This is the earliest literature of western han dynasty have paper. Due to the western han dynasty paper was too rare, use is not widespread, silks silk bamboo Jane is then writing instruments, so the paper also cannot be heavily used as packing material is obvious. Until the eastern han dynasty (of the first year of yuan xing In 105 AD) From shang fang made on the basis of summing up predecessors' experience by CAI lun made cheap 'Cai Hou paper', the paper as a new milestone in the packing on the stage of history. Since then, appeared in the tang dynasty after printing, paper as the packaging has been further development, simple advertising goods start wrapping paper printing, design and symbols. And the most common carton in modern society, appeared in the early 19th century, the United States, Britain, law and other countries have started to develop cardboard production technology, until around 1850, the United States someone invented folding carton and production technology, this just in the true sense raw material made of paper packaging industry. With the development of The Times and society, increasing need of paper as the packing material. According to 2000 world paper production, wrapping paper and cardboard 57 of the amount of paper products. 2%. And according to China's papermaking association, 2000, 2001 and 2002, the wrapping paper and cardboard consumption accounted for the amount of paper products of 56 respectively. 9%, 57. 6% and 56%, close to the general trend. The above data show that in the production of paper each year in the world today, nearly 6 as used as packaging, so the biggest purpose of paper is no longer in the traditional sense of the information carrier, but used as packaging materials. Paper products packaging is one of the most important packaging materials, widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, building materials, household appliances, IT products, toys, electrical and mechanical, textile, ceramics, handicrafts, advertising, military, and many other products packaging, holds the pivotal status in the national economy. And into the 21st century, the paper has become one of the most important materials used in packaging industry. In the global use of various kinds of packaging materials, paper and cardboard highest proportion, 35 of output. 6%. In our country, as an important raw material of packaging industry, in the years before 1995, the paper products packaging materials or the second to the plastic packaging materials. But starting in 1995, production of paper products packaging gradually rise, and more than plastic, became the first big packaging materials in China. By 2004, China has reached 13. 2 million tons, the packing paper consumption accounts for the total output of 50. 6%, more than a glass, metal, plastic packaging materials combined. Traditional paper products packaging materials are in a few years to regain the faster pace of development, become the first big packaging materials, in part due to the good adaptability of paper products, and more to the point, is the environmental protection restrictions on plastic product and consumption market of environmental protection product, paper material is the most to meet the requirements of 'green packaging' material. User experience ( The User Experience, UE/UX) It is a kind of pure subjective feeling was set up in the process of users to use the product. But for a clearly defined user group, the common user experience is to through good design experiments to realize. To the user as the center, people-oriented, to get more and more attention. And the classification of the experience and has the following three kinds: 1, sensory experience: presented to the user experience of seeing and hearing, emphasis on comfort. In color, sound, images, text, layout, etc. 2, interactive user experience: interface to the user use, the experience of the communication process, emphasizes the interaction and interactive features. Interaction experience throughout the process of browsing, click on the process, input, output, etc to visitors experience. 3, emotional user experience: to the user experience, psychological stress psychological recognition. Let users through the site can identify with, express their inner feelings, that means the user experience effect is deep. Emotional experience is the sublimation of the spread of word-of-mouth, forming a highly emotional recognition effect.
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